Aeonsemi Achieves Key Milestone of Its Arcadium Silicon Oscillator Products

Santa Clara, CA and Nanjing, China, Mar 31, 2023 – Aeonsemi, a leading provider of mixed-signal communications ICs, is proud to announce a significant milestone of its silicon oscillator technology. The company has successfully shipped over 10 million units of its Arcadium™  monolithic silicon oscillator products with zero defects, demonstrating the technology’s superior quality and reliability using mainstream CMOS IC supply chain. The products were shipped to customers representing a broad range of applications including broadband access, networking, data center and industrial. The volume shipment milestone achieved with these demanding customers marks the beginning of the technology’s adoption in a segment dominated by traditional quartz technology.

The global oscillator market size is estimated to reach $4.0 billion by 2023 according to Marketsandmarkets. The current oscillator market is largely served by crystal-based oscillators, a technology that has remained stagnant for almost 100 years. Arcadium™ oscillators are pure CMOS oscillators that leverage advanced circuit innovations and compensation algorithms to achieve excellent phase jitter and frequency stability while providing greater reliability than their crystal-based counterparts. Furthermore, their wide range in frequency programmability and flexible output driver configuration allow customers to consolidate component libraries and streamline product development.

"We are seeing just the beginning of this exciting silicon oscillator technology. Our customers love our ability to respond to their needs very quickly thanks to the simplified supply chain enabled by the technology." said Yunteng Huang, CEO of Aeonsemi." We are incredibly proud of reaching this significant milestone of shipping 10 million units without a single defect. It is a testimony for the range of benefits of silicon oscillators that we believe in." 

Aeonsemi's achievement of zero defects not only showcases its manufacturing capabilities but also reinforces its position as a trusted partner in the industry. Customers can rely on Aeonsemi's silicon oscillator products to provide reliable timing and synchronization, enabling the seamless operation of their critical applications.

As Aeonsemi continues to grow and expand its product offerings through continuous improvement and innovation, the company remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.