High performance 10GBase-T Ethernet PHY

The AS21010J 10GBase-T Ethernet PHY is a multi-rate PHY that utilizes ChronoPHY™ technology to provide <1ns PTP time stamping resolution, a 25MHz to 250MHz SyncE output clock, and extended cable drive.

  • Extended cable reach with CAT5e / CAT6A cable for 5GBASE-T, 2.5BASE-T
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)
  • Support for IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) with sub-ns time stamping resolution
  • Flexible reference clock frequency of 50 MHz or 156.25 MHz
  • Any fractional frequency SyncE output clock from 25MHz to 250MHz
  • Jumbo Packet Support with Auto-Negotiation and Extended Next Page capability (XNP)
  • Auto MDI/MDIX, pair swap/priority/skew correction
  • Flexible SERDES interface with support for XFI, SGMII/5000BASE-X/2500Base-X/USXGMII
  • Wake-on-LAN Magic packet detection
  • 1.8V signaling for MMD access
  • Advanced cable diagnostics with on-chip high resolution cable analyzer
  • Self-loopback diagnostic capability
  • IEEE fast retrain and link monitoring
  • Industrial temperature range
  • 100m+ with CAT6, 6A or 7 cable for 10GBASE-T
  • 7x7mm 0.8mm pitch BGA package
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