Sr. Digital Design Engineer

We are looking for talented digital design engineers to develop cutting edge high-speed communication ICs. The role involves the front end of the digital ASIC flow in state-of-the-art CMOS process technologies including micro architecture design, RTL implementation, verification, logic synthesis under multi-clock domain design constraints, CDC/Linting, logic equivalence checking and timing analysis.
·      Working with the system lead to architect and implement high speed and low power micro-architectures for various fixed-point DSP/FEC subsystems
·      Working with the analog lead to define and implement digital architectures in areas such as ADC/DAC calibration, AGC and adaptive equalization, and clock and data recovery
·      Working with the verification lead to support definition/execution of verification plans at the block/chip level
·      Supporting the FW team during chip bring up and validation
·      Supporting front end of the ASIC flow including logic synthesis, definition of multi-clock-domain design constraints, performing static timing analysis and optimizing for speed/power
·      MS or Ph.D in electrical/computer engineering with minimum 2 years of digital ASIC experience
·      Good understanding of signal processing and forward error correction algorithms and their low power architectures
·      Good handle on fixed point data path analysis
·      Proficient in Verilog and/or System Verilog 
·      Comfortable with programming language such as Python/C++
·      Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Preferred (but not required):
·      Conceptual understanding of various components in a digital communication system such as, Viterbi Algorithm, SOVA, and FFT/IFFT
Company Perks & Benefits
·       Competitive salary
·       Equity award at a rapid growth startup company
·       Medical, dental, and vision benefits
·       401k Plan
·       Paid parental leave
·       Flexible paid time off